Monday, March 19, 2007

The Queen's Bath

This morning we went to the Queen's Bath. We drove through the neighborhood where we're staying, and pointed out all the houses and landscaping that look just like South Florida. When we parked and hiked down the path through the jungle, we were in another world. The path started out as rock stairs built into the side of the hill, but quickly turned into a narrow dirt path, with boulders and tree roots to use as steps. We came around a bend and discovered a rushing waterfall. I tried to get a picture of Scott and Mary, but Audrey was eager to rush along the path without me, so I had to catch up. She's an intrepid explorer. She'll climb any rock and wade through any shallow water, dragging me along with her.

The pictures in the guidebook showed the Queen's Bath as a calm, quiet pool in the rocks, with people swimming in it. Not today! Those pictures must have been taken in summer, because in the winter the surf is much rougher on the North Shore of Kauai, where we're staying. Scott and Mary found one calm little spot, but the Queen's Bath was full of crashing, churning, foaming waves. It was spectacular.

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