Monday, March 19, 2007

Manini-holo Dry Cave

Today's adventure was to the Manini-holo dry cave. It was dug by the chief fisherman of the Menehune (sort of like Hawaiian leprechauns) in search of the supernatural beast who was stealing their fish. We walked into the cave and looked around a little bit, then went to the beach across the street. There's a stream that runs down the mountain behind the cave and across a low spot in the road and down the beach. The stream water was cold, much colder than the surf. Sometimes a big wave would roll all the way up the beach to the stream. The kids had a great time playing here, because they could actually go in the water. They didn't go very far, although there were other people swimming, and one guy attempting to surf. Mary and Audrey mostly played wave tag. Audrey got knocked down a couple times, but she seemed to enjoy it. She also liked climbing up the sandy bluff and sliding down. All the other tourists got a kick out of how sandy she was. The sand was so soft and deep, I loved jumping on it to see how far down my footprints would go.

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