Saturday, March 17, 2007

Lava Rocks

Aloha from the Garden Island of Kauai! We took the evening flight from San Francisco last night, stayed at the Honolulu Airport Hotel, then hopped over to Kauai this morning. We're staying on the North Shore, in the Princeville development. It has a mix of houses, condos and golf courses, and looks like any snowbird neighborhood in Coral Springs or West Boca. But the rest of the island is pure Hawaii. It was too early to check into our resort when we arrived, so we drove down the road to Anini Beach. It used to be called Wanini Beach, but the W fell off the sign years ago, and the locals decided it was easier to change the name than to fix the sign. There's also a church near Princeville called The Church of the Acific.

We didn't drive all the way to the beach park. We just pulled off the road at a turn-out and explored the beach right there. The offshore reef keeps the water near the shore calm. The kids loved climbing on the lava rocks and digging in the sand. Audrey also loved taking baths in all the little pools in the rocks. She needed a bath because she kept walking right under the sand Mary was dripping on the ground.

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