Saturday, February 24, 2007

Chinese Moon Festival

In September, when Scott was in Florida for the SND conference, the girls and I went to a Chinese Moon Festival. It's a fall harvest festival, when Chinese people visit their families. Here in America, Chinese people put on a huge party in a big park. We saw dancers, musicians, acrobats, dragons, and lion-dogs. We went with a Fellow from China, and she really enjoyed playing tour guide for us. I think her favorite part was buying a serving of Bad Smell Tofu for me to try. The cooking tofu really smelled awful whenever the wind blew a whiff of it our way. It didn't taste as bad as I thought it would. It was bitter, but it didn't make me gag or anything. Ruichun said you have to eat it at least three times before you get to like the taste. She said the tofu you can buy on the street in Beijing has a much stronger flavor than the tofu I ate. It was very popular at the festival, and there was a long line at the tofu booth.

The festival also had all the bounce houses and slides you see at every festival. That was Mary's favorite part.

This Saturday we're going to San Francisco for the Chinese New Year parade, so I'll have some more Chinese stuff to post.

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