Monday, June 4, 2007

New Car

We decided to go ahead and buy a car out here, just because trading in our old one to a dealer was a much easier way of getting rid of it than trying to sell it ourselves. We got a Toyota Highlander. It has a third row seat, but isn't any longer than my Passat wagon was, so I should still be able to fit it in the garage and unload groceries with the garage door closed. It's an SUV built on a Camry frame, so it's not as big as a regular SUV, but is a bit higher than a regular car. Audrey can climb in by herself. We got a bluish-gray one (they call it Bluestone Metallic) with a light tan interior. There's plenty of room for stuff in the back when the 3rd row is folded down, and room for 7 people with it up, as long as the people aren't really tall.

We don't have pictures of our car yet, but you can see it on the Toyota website. Maybe when Scott wakes up, he can help me grab a picture off the web.

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