Sunday, May 6, 2007

Horseback Riding

Today I took Mary and her friend Sydney horseback riding at Webb Ranch. We started out with a short lesson on how to control a horse, and a little practice in the covered lesson ring. Then the instructor and a helper took us out on a one-hour trail ride. We rode past crop fields, where we saw a heron. The trail went up a little hill, and we had to stand up in our stirrups. I don't know the name of that move, but Mary probably remembers it, so I'll have to ask her tomorrow. We got to ride across a little wooden bridge. After the ride, the instructors let the girls feed the horses. They had a great time.

UPDATE: I remembered the standing-up thing is called "two point", I guess because the third point, your rear end, is not touching the saddle. And doesn't Mary look like such a little tiny kid on that horse? It was a pretty small horse, too.